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The Cubans - Single - Face To Face / Please Don't Start Again

'Face To Face' and 'Please Don't Start Again' is the new double 'A' single from Wolverhampton indie fou

r-piece The Cubans; quite a surprising and pleasantly rewarding start here before things kick off and gain true indie-rock momentum - a risky opener maybe but definitely one that makes you stop and listen.

'Face To Face' opens slowly and pretty intensely with pseudo-Latin nuances; here's where the difference is cuz this aint yer average indie kinda thing. But, let the song work its initially contentious magic on you and about two thirds of the way through it all goes tits-up (in the nicest possible way) into a frenzied electric onslaught. Now we're into indie, now we're rockin guys! Big riffs, massive chords, monstrous energy that stays just sufficiently long enough to shake and wake you before fading back to ...silence - track end and the overall effect is one of, wow, did I hear that right?? Certainly 'Face To Face' goes somewhat against the grain but, I admire The Cubans' belief in their music by letting this one take the lead.

For me, 'Please Don't Start Again' should have perhaps taken the number one slot simply because it's much more tangible from an indie point of view. Hefty guitars battle with pounding bass and drums but leave sufficient room for the vocals to work their individualistic magic. Here we have attitude and aggression, here we have forceful energy and focussed rock grit and grind.  Much more instant than the opener but also, I suppose, much more predictable!

Finishing with a segue of the two tracks just for good measure and The Cubans have given a decent account of themselves; clearly The Cubans are prepared to push the boat out a bit and delve into the indie unknown. The Cubans show attitude and adrenalin over-load here but it's their ability to make you stand back and re-visit their songs that's pretty cute and noteworthy. I still think the roles should be reversed but, I think The Cubans have so much belief in themselves that they're prepared to take the risk anyway. Definitely a 'worker' and one to generate talking points, 'Face To Face' and 'Please Don't Start Again' both kick up quite a storm and deserve every chance - time will tell but, The Cubans sound like an outfit that won't give up too easily!!

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (www.toxicpete.co.uk)

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